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Seeing red The end of an era…

November 17, 20236 min read

“These people in the red shirts are your friends… they’re here to help… so if you see one of them coming to you, let them help you”

What I would give to see THAT red again.

They were “Angels among us”.

And I had the privilege of being one of those a few times <3.

My heart bursts with pride as I watched hundreds of people lives change, “one heart at a time”, over the years I was involved.

12 years ago I stepped into an experience that would forever change my life, change my glasses and give me the gift of tools, new friends and the opportunity to pay it forward in so many ways. For the rest of my life.

How I got there… a loving gymnastics mom

Who shared ONE tool with me “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”

I put that one tool into play for a month, and saw change in my life

My thought was, if that ONE tool could make that much of a difference, how much change would I see with the whole freaking tool box?

It changed..

More than I could’ve ever imagined

We can not heal, what we do not acknowledge

It changed how I viewed myself - I became a Woman who Loved Herself

It changed how I parented - I no longer yelled, I valued the time I had, and was present as much as I could be

I started working to BE the woman who loved herself, not just looked like it

I started to DO the things a self loving woman would do

I wanted to HAVE the life I desired.

I took off a mask - I looked like I “had it all together” as my coach put it - but he knew better

He helped me find the words that would allow me to question myself and my actions

Be accountable for me

I sprouted a bean ;) (inside joke for those who knew about it)

Apparently body heat and a lot of dancing can do that ;)

STRETCHED like I never could imagine

And was cradled when I needed safety

I got to find friends that travelled in the same energy circle

I became Free & Learned the Power of MY dream

I grew into a woman who was Beautiful & Deserving

as I furthered my journey to the Super version of the program

saw “The Light in my own eyes”

saw how others saw me - Wonder Woman strength and all

Gained roomies for life! <3

Which Brought me to the here and now, as a woman who is striving to be Extraordinary

cause ya know… I wouldn’t be “orange” if I couldn’t have some say of mixing it up and creating my own dang rules ;)

I NOW strive to be Extraordinary in my own eyes

I live on Purpose every day - Passionately Inspiring others to be the best they can be

I live with Intention - Inspiring others so they may shine in the light of their beauty and freedom!

I went from being responsible for everyone and everything, while being a door mat

and learned that I don’t have to be right, I’d rather be happy

and that disagreement doesn’t equal rejection

while learning that there’s a 100 ways to get from A to B

I allowed myself to be treated in ways that I now coach women out of allowing

what I feared, I created

and learned that fear was simply the opportunity to be courageous

I allowed myself to give up morals and values out of fear of abandonment

I learned to ask for what I want

I learned to create conversations on the other side of the wall of conflict

the tower of power, was an all time life changer in my mindset

and the power of an apology when it’s used in a process that actually allows me to step into taking action

I even was PUSHED out of my comfort zone with singing my own song of Inspiration once… and I wished I could do it again - Because this program taught me how to Tell My Heart To Beat Again,

To being the woman who is Worthy, and teaching worth while allowing my clients to know:

that the critter, is only trying to do it’s job, but realizing it was the one thing that was holding us back

that it really didn’t have the power over us, that I gave it

that it’s communication with us, belongs in the junk yard,

And that finally, the water fall of forgiveness could be felt and experienced over and over again, to be revisited as often as needed

I am now becoming a woman who follows her heart and her energy to her passions - as my heart beats loudly with excitement that I get to share this with the world…. And not that I couldn’t before, but I feel compelled to say thank you at the end of this… and It is my prayer that everyone that guided me, knows this is for each and every one of them. I am an Extraordinary Woman - Shining in my own light of beauty and freedom

There are so many people that I have hugged, cried with, loved with, and got to HAVE FUN while NOT TAKING OURSELVES SO SERIOUSLY

That I can’t even count the number of people I’ve had the privilege of remembering…

For those of you who haven’t had the privilege of attending the most beneficial Adventure of a Lifetime - this who thing won’t make sense…

For those of you who have… how many tools and processes did I list?? ;)

I want to thank Mary and Joe first of all - they have been in the room EVERY time I was in the room - you two have put an imprint on my life that is remarkable. You believed in me and loved me when I couldn’t - guided me in ways that allowed me to step into my brave

Serge and Karen - my coaches, who were kind, and genuine and loving from the moment I stepped into their circle

My buddy coaches.. all of them - for teaching me so much

My small groups - you all make a difference in my life and taught me more than you know

My fellow coaches - a couple of you stand out - especially the ones who had to use “my language” (haha Colleen ;) ) however, all of you helped in ways that are so specific

I had envisioned being a core part of Choices one day - and unfortunately, that won’t come to fruition

So. Instead, I get the privilege of continuing my focus with my clients as they grow and learn about “Loving You - Unconditionally, Wholeheartedly” Being their Own “Selfworth Project” and “Making the shift” Transformations

And with all of that, I can’t be anything but grateful for the impact the Choices program made on me - July 2009.

The adventure of a lifetime

Changing the world, one heart at a time

Thelma - thank you for bringing this to Canada and serving all of us to become better humans ;)

You are loved my friend

You taught us to “Go light our World”

And finally - that “Friends are Friends forever”

Terra Dawn

I am an Extraordinary Woman, Passionately Inspiring others to be the best they can be, so they may shine in the light of their beauty and freedom 🦋

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