New Beginnings

Rainbows & Sunshine

November 17, 20232 min read

Evidence that storms are followed by beautiful beginnings

The last few weeks have been something else.

I could blame in Mercury Retrograde like everyone else does. And. I also know that while the energy of the retrograde was a contribution, we are all still responsible for our own actions, reactions and responses.

As the storm cleared yesterday and I spotted the beautiful, vibrant double rainbow, it made me smile.

And I love storms.

They bring rain to wash away the dust and nourish nature

The rain settled the smoke from the forrest fires

The rain brings a smell of renewal.

Like tears of the storms of life are a release of emotions meant to be felt in order to wash away whatever hurts are there with the following of healing

The last few weeks were heavy

From the loved one who battled mental illness

To my own grieving of relationships coming to a close, boundaries being laid for those who are content with critiquing from the cheap seats, to the disappointment of those who say one thing and doing another.

It can all be summed up in the metaphor of the storms of life

Storms are inevitable

How we respond to them, and recover from them is up to us

The work that we do to “storm proof” our own life is also up to us

Healing from past wounds is part of what creates the bounce back that allows us to get up faster then we used to

Healing the current wounds and putting in boundaries allows us to love those who love us unconditionally, better

Storms are going to happen

They come in, stir things up and wash everything clean

Clean Slate

New Beginnings,

Beautiful Beginnings

You get to make this next beginning be, whatever you want it to be

Make it the best one yet

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