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Beautifully Honest

November 17, 20234 min read

So many look for the brutally honest.

Why does it have to be brutal?

Is this why people avoid doing the growth work??

Because they think they have to get brutally honest??

What if we got beautifully honest with ourselves??

As in

Really looking at ourselves in the mirror,

Literally. And Figuratively

And looked at what we loved and didn’t love, for the point of knowing where our growth needed to be.

To find direction

To find intention

To find purpose

I see so many who are not happy with their physical being and then try to convince themselves and the world that they love themselves as they are. Body positivity is powerful. But.

Are you being honest with yourself??

You don’t have to prove it to anyone that you love you, the way you are.

(If you’re offended, chances are, you’re not as happy with your physical being, as you say you are… otherwise it wouldn’t have hit a nerve)

And then the mirror of our heart and soul.

And was really honest about the parts we want to improve on.

Grow upon.

I’ve been going through a growth spurt so to speak and have been quiet on purpose ..

In the past, and up until recently, I’ve been so outward and expressive about my growth and the changes coming about. The quiet comes as a shock to most who know me well. It even shocks me, sometimes in how little I want to talk about it or share the process. This process has been super messy. Not at all fun. And the quiet is new to me. And I’ve embraced it. And I quite love it to be honest.

Pulling off of social media. Less “hustle and grind”. More flow and allowance for what’s mine and who’s meant to be in my life. Not everything and everyone that comes into our lives are meant to stay.

And when it comes to the “who”, there’s the power of personal choice on their end.

We tend to expend a lot do energy trying to keep up with alllll the people in our life and keep them IN our life without realizing they just may not be meant for us.

I’ve let A LOT of people flow out lately.

And it’s been like a river washing away some of the river bank. It’s not needed there anymore, and it’s a natural erosion

We grip onto everything with so much strength and need for control.. it’s exhausting. And unnecessary.

The people who want to stay, will. Those who don’t. Won’t. Make no time for the “breadcrumbers”. They’re simply using you as their fall back when they’re lonely.

And get honest about who YOU kept in your life, because you were lonely. We’re social creatures. We need people in our lives. But we need the right people. Not just ANY people.

What if all you needed was to get Beautifully honest with yourself.

About your wounds.

Your trauma responses

The way you mistreat people and be all offended about something that had nothing to with them.. and it’s really about you not wanting to be accountable for your own shit. And apologize to those who deserve it.

Being accountable for your own garbage and looking introspectively is HARD. But so is lacking accountability and sucking at relationships, business, and everything that gets thrown at us, because we aren’t accountable and healing.

What if you got beautifully honest about the hurts and the rejection you feel.

That you need to love you more and quit masking it with random hook ups, drinking and drugs - a fancy dinner and a night of sex isn’t going to fix the hurt.

What if you were beautifully honest with yourself and admitted to your mistakes and chose to learn from them, rather than playing victim?

What if you were beautifully honest with your “failures”. Acknowledging that failure is really about someone else’s opinion of whether you succeeded or not. What a miserable mark to aim for. Someone else’s standards? And that you really haven’t failed at anything. Not. A. Single thing.

How beautiful would that honesty be??

I know for me,

I haven’t failed at anything.

I’ve made a TON of mistakes.

I’ve learned from every last one of those mistakes, which really makes it about progress and learning

I’ve yet to meet a highly successful person who didn’t make a million mistakes prior to achieving their success… how about you?

You haven’t failed.

You’ve made mistakes.

If you haven’t learned from them.

Where are you NOT being accountable??

You’ve had a 💯 success rate of survival and success

If you’re not living on purpose and with intention, what are you doing???

Is it time to be beautifully honest with yourself about how you want to live this life???

You get to choose.

Be beautifully honest.

With you.

And you’ll find your direction

Your intention

Your purpose.

If you want to.

And if you want it bad enough,

You’ll do what it takes to make it happen.

With your heart work, soul work and physical being.

You can do it.

You just have to start by being beautifully honest

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