Are You ready to become the Next Version of you?

You got to this moment, being exactly who you are right now...

If you truly want what you want for your future, you will be looking to embrace the Next Version to get there

It's my mission to lead you to see & realize your potential. Lead you to who you are BECOMING - The Next Version of YOU!

On your terms, at your pace, with an individualized plan that allows you to feel Success within the first 6 weeks You are not like everyone else. Your coaching plan shouldn't look like everyone else's either

Programs & Services

Individual Coaching Sessions Available!

This is for those who are non commital to a program and just want to book a session when it works for them. These calls will allow you come away with a recording and all materials/processes discussed in the call

90 Day Self Worth Challenge

Kicks off September 2024

Growth questions delivered in The Inner Circle VIP group daily to lead you to your best version in 90 days

Healing, Growth, Community & Connection

Weekly group calls

All VIP Content also available

Upgrade Option: Macro coaching & Movement Programs available for full 90 days

Contact me for the upgraded option

The Next Beginning Collective

12 weeks- Small Group Coaching

Lose the Weight....

~ Overwhelm

~ Organized Chaos (aka struggle with Time management)

~ Other's Expectations

~ People Pleasing

~ the lack of Boundaries and what that's costing you

PLUS the Physical Weight that has come with late night snacking, emotional eating


~ Confidence

~ A healthy relationship with food

~ Learning to love what you see in the mirror

~ The ability to find balance within

~ Healing the Inner Child

~ Self Discovery & Connection that may be new to you!

What is involved:

Weekly Small Group Calls

1. 1-1 Monthly Call for each participant

Nutrition education and macro numbers given with check ins and guidance

Weekly Heartwork given with the content of the calls and group

Optional - Workout programs for every level and circumstance that help you get moving!

1-1 Coaching

Fully Coached - 3 or 6 Months

This is your plan - for the reasons you need it

Includes weekly 30 minute calls

Homework & Integration work given on each call as needed/guided

This could Include and is NOT LIMITED TO:

The Next Beginning Guided Program

Mindset Coaching

Time Management

Dating & Relationships

Or Free Flow Self Worth Coaching

Book a call and we will determine if I'm the right coach for you! I will not take you on as a client if I'm not the best fit for you!

About Me

I am a Woman who is a Survivor, A Warrior, A Goddess, A Badass with a Good heart in spite of all that was meant to destroy me.

"God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called"

I am Extraordinary, Passionate, Loving, Direct, Bold and Stand In my Power. AND I haven't always been this way

I am Multipassionate, and Neuro Spicy and I sometimes still struggle to keep it together. The reality is.. keeping it together isn't the goal - living my best life is the goal, and that's what I want for you!

AND I haven't always been this way

I do this work because I have developed paths through my own Healing and Mindset work

I do this work because I have a Mission to be the person I needed when I was in Your Shoes

I carry many plates, from being an Entreprenuer, Certified Nutrition Coach, Education in Human Services, Homeschooling Mom, Athlete, Gran to a precious baby girl ,

and have a firm belief and understanding that you CAN show up exactly as you need to in all areas.... and my programs & coaching is designed to help you learn to do that

Everyone deserves a vibrant and extraordinary life... and it can start now!



New Beginnings - Formerly "The Self Worth Project"

"I have went from a fearful little girl to a striving boss babe woman."I just wrapped up another season of self development work with Terra and my life has shifted in directions I can’t believe we’re ever possible. She has coached me through scenarios and provided me with the tools to combat, what I once believed were impossible, situations. I have stepped out of living in a scarcity mindset which has opened the realms of receiving. Since my participation in the self worth project, I have went from a fearful little girl to a striving boss babe woman. I went from zero business, to my calendar filling up weeks in advance with clients. Everything has been a reflection of doing the work and using the tools. I highly recommend Terra’s coaching to step into the journey of being the absolute best version of yourself!"

Melanie M - Age 26

6 Week Transformation Challenge

"Anybody looking for help with their body image, diet, or setting up their daily routine should definitely do this challenge! You share so much valuable information and you are a true inspiration. Thank you for showing me the way. It has been such a positive experience and I feel like the team setting is an added bonus for getting a person motivated and going on the right track! Everyone should treat themselves to your brand of self-care! It is definitely worth it!!"

Louise - Age 64