“Sometimes getting lost is how we find ourselves” ~ Robert New

The reality of getting lost... It’s never a waste of time.

May 11, 20243 min read

Have you ever had so much to say, 

And nothing to say all at once? 

This week has been unique for me. 
I’ve had a ton to say 

And yet, couldn’t find the words to put it out to the universe 

I couldn’t release it 

It was like my “voice” disappeared in the means of putting the messages out to the rest of the world

As a “truth teller”, it felt like I was decapitated 

It was uncomfortable and it felt like a regression to the days I was asked to “be nice” or to “keep it to myself” so I didn’t “poke the bear”. Such an interesting statement given now that women collectively seem to choose the bear ;) 

Many of the women I work with feel like they’ve never had a voice, or that their voice was silenced a long time ago, so this may resonate for many of you. 

And then I realized the messages I would have delivered were for me

To turn inward and learn from - not everything is meant to be shared, which I knew AND sometimes messages come to us for internalization 

To turn inward and listen to my inner compass and intuition 

This week alone, through client sessions, 

I have felt the pain of parent’s grieving 

I have felt the loss 

I have felt the abandonment 

My clients were on the extra special struggle bus this week. 

And in my own world, all of the same is happening. 

Loss, grieving, abandonment 

Loss of who I used to be, 

Grieving parts of me that no longer serve

Abandonment of the people and circumstances that don’t wish to come with me in this next chapter. 

I found myself saying “I miss you” a lot this week

And. I will miss them. 

This is the hard part about growth. 

Some people were only meant to hold a chapter in our life, not to be in the whole story.  And we grieve the people who we thought would be with us forever.  Those people have a choice to make for themselves too.  And choosing themselves and where they’re at is exactly what I want for them. No hard feelings, it just is part of growth and moving forward in life

I found myself going inward a lot, and choosing to not engage in my normal disassociating habits.  Abandoning the habits that held me back

Signs of growth 

I have found myself. 

I felt lost for a little bit. 

And the reality of getting lost

It’s never a waste of time. 

“Sometimes getting lost is how we find ourselves” ~ Robert New

What did I find?
The Healing Vision of myself, as I step into my Future Self.

The Healing Vision is a process I lead with my clients, as well as one I exercise for myself. 

It is a vision board for who I am within and what I want for myself.  

How I envision myself in the future, 

And identifying who I will grow into to get there 

Essentially a compass for navigating my own future and who I need to become to gain the success I desire. 

A New Vision for your life, asks you to create a new Vision of who you will be. 

Are you feeling a little lost right now? 

Are you ready to see what your future self could look like?
Do you want to create your own Healing Vision?
So you can identify what your next steps are? 

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