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Love Yourself Enough

November 17, 20232 min read

When we love ourselves..

we attract love.

A loved woman attracts unconditional love

A woman who loves herself!!

Attracts love in ways she never thought possible!!

And Learning to love yourself enough, to create this energy, is where the work is!

Love yourself enough that it doesn’t matter who likes you, you’ll be questioning whether you like them and want them in your life

Love yourself enough to have a self care routine.

Love yourself enough to know what you need to feel loved - knowing your own love languages is a good start!

Love yourself enough to set boundaries and keep boundaries for those around you who have none.

Love yourself enough to have boundaries on yourself!!! This is self parenting. You may not have had ideal parenting, growing up. You now can take responsibility and parent yourself!!!

Love yourself enough to feed your body well.

What you eat, read, listen to, rest, move, as well as the people you surround yourself with

Love yourself enough to surrender to independence. Ask for help. Accept help when it’s offered. Be open to receiving love, guidance and gifts of another’s talents

Love yourself enough to walk away from anything that doesn’t add to your life

Love yourself enough to have discipline

Discipline and routine are two of the most over looked acts of self care and self love

And finally, love yourself to live in your full authentic expression!! Be as sparkly as you actually are! When you dull your shine, when you withhold the wisdom you carry, you are robbing the world of something it needs to hear. Your message, your light,and your energy is important! Shine baby shine!!

You. Make a difference. And it starts with loving yourself enough to show up for yourself and be all you can be, for yourself and the world around

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