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It’s in your hands

November 17, 20234 min read

We’re told to just get over it.

Don’t have the feelings attached to the wounds,

Don’t acknowledge it.

Just get over it.

That’s Ego.

Cause calling it out means vulnerability

And vulnerability is weakness right?

And being vulnerable may mean asking for help… which is another sign of weakness right?

And then we wonder why addictions and mental health issues arise

I put a poll up on my stories yesterday…

3 women. Rated at a 3….

Can you imagine how many others were at a 3 and afraid to admit it?

MANY of us are struggling, crying in the shower, or behind closed doors, having full on breakdowns and no one is talking.

I saw a funeral announcement for a 16 year old two days ago… suicide. It’s not the first one I’ve seen in the last several months…

My gut feeling is that no one is talking.

And no one is listening.

I’ve also been guilty of not listening…

It was a wake up call that almost cost a loved ones life

And if they are talking.

They’re being called crazy.

Stop. It.

A conversation with a friend who is a wellness coordinator in the school system, shared with me, a grade 6 girl made a statement that her dad told her that people with mental health battles are crazy.

Just. Stop it.

We aren’t showing our kids that we have hard days… that hard days happen and it’s human to break down.

We aren’t showing our kids that we can break down. And. Pick ourselves up again

We aren’t showing our kids that we can break down, reach out to someone. A best friend, a counsellor, a coach, any kind of help. And that, sometimes we need helps to be picked up.

We are teaching them that we shouldn’t ask for help. Because we’re too busy wearing a super hero capes. Keeping up with the activities and the lifestyles that stop kids from truly feeling anything but hurry, anxiety and the pressure to please YOU.

This is the birth place of people pleasers…

We aren’t showing them to try everything to be healthy. Only to please the coaches, teachers and us as parent.

We aren’t showing them that it’s okay to be on medication. And to have a diagnosis.

Only to medicate with alcohol. Cause by the last two years of posts, moms needed wine to parent, homeschool, distance school and everything else.


We aren’t showing them that vulnerability is strength… because most still think it’s weakness… cause your crazy if you actually have feelings right?

No one is talking.

And people aren’t really there to listen unconditionally, no judgement.

There’s too many personal agendas.

Everyone is still numbing with food, alcohol, spending, sex and drugs.

It’s a scary epidemic…

And no one is talking about it.

Truly talking about it

Don’t “just get over it”

Gain some tools,

Do the heart healing work,

And work through it.

Show our kids how THAT’s done.

They need it.

They need you.

In your messy days as well as the good.

Not being willing to show the messy is pride

Pride is ego.

Ego kills everything in its path

Relationships, communication, growth, you name it. It kills it.

Thinking “I’m good, I don’t need help” or “a coach” or “growth” is Ego

Get out of your own way.

Talk to someone.

Reach out for help

Turn on the light to learning new tools and self development

Turning on that light, could stop someone from shutting off in their life….

Those tools have saved my life time and time again.

Those same tools have helped the mountains become hills, which then became speed bumps…. The kind that hurts a lot when you hit it.

The tools helped me find the lessons and make the changes…. The solution was in my own hands… I just needed the love and help from my circle is all…

And. That’s why it’s necessary to work through it. Not just get over it.

That’s why we need to start talking and being honest about the breakdowns.

Stop hiding it.

Stop harbouring it.

Start being open.

Start accepting help.

Surrendering to independence

“A problem that seems so big at the time

It's like a river that's so wide it swallows you whole

While you're sitting around thinking about what you can't change

And worrying about all the wrong things

Time's flying by, moving so fast

You better make it count 'cause you can't get it back

Sometimes that mountain you've been climbing

Is just a grain of sand

And what you've been out there searching for forever

Is in your hands

Oh, and when you figure out love is all that matters after all

It sure makes everything else seems so small” ~ Carry Underwood ~”so small”

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