There’s 7 billion people on the planet - why are you allowing one to rip you apart  	And doubt yourself  	You are allowing others  to put the price tag on you, because you don’t know your own worth…

Do you Know Your Worth?

April 22, 20243 min read

There’s 7 billion people on the planet - why are you allowing one to rip you apart 

And doubt yourself 

You are allowing others  to put the price tag on you, because you don’t know your own worth… 

What are you worth? 

Until you can tell me without a shadow of a doubt, and stand in it firmly, you don’t know your worth ...

When this topic came up with a client, it allowed me to turn the question inward

While, when I asked her, this is all she had and all she knew

"I’m worth of being respected" With a significantly long pause.....

Inwardly, this was my own list of my worth, my price of admission, if you will...

We all desire a healthy and beautiful relationship with others, and it starts with the relationship within.

If you're asking for it through the external, you need to be willing to heal within, so you have it internally otherwise you'll keep attracting the opposite - I know - because I was there

Accepting breadcrumbs, and ghosting and less than the bare minimum

Not any more - I am contently solo until I see this.....

And not as a declaration to be proud of, but more so a sense of surrender and knowing I will recognize it when it shows up for me

I’m worth being poured into

I’m worth growing with and investing in 

I’m worth being seen as a human with a mind, not just a woman with a body and as a servant 

I’m worth being cherished 

I’m worth being protected 

I’m worth being seen as the ONLY Person, not the option 

I’m worth being nurtured through my healing and while we grow and health together 

I’m worth being provided for 

I’m worth a genuine friendship within the relationship 

I’m worth being a partner 

I’m worth having healthy a healthy relationship 

I’m worth having a healthy partner

I’m worth experiencing reciprocated communication and love 

I’m worth experiencing honesty and loyalty 

I’m worth it to not have someone else project their wounds onto me because they refuse to acknowledge their pain and choose not to do the work 

I’m worth peace in a relationship 

I’m worth experiencing being valued in a relationship 

I’m worth trusting and being trusted as I am now 

I am worth being seen as who I am now, and not my past mistakes and missteps 

I am worth being loved, unconditionally - without conditions but with healthy boundaries and respect 

I am worth kindness 

I am worth having a cheer leader

I am worth having someone who supports me in my vision in business

I am worth having others show up for me, the way I show up for them

I am worth having fun and adventures and experiences that help us bond in a healthy way 

I am worth date nights and slow dances in the kitchen 

I am worth being made time for 

I am worth the healthiest of loves, the healthiest of relationships and the growth and healing that comes with knowing my worth

This is just the “short list” as I know I’m worth so much more beyond this… 

I am no longer worthy of the bare minimum 

My price of admission is so much more 

And   as  Woman who knows her worth, I believe it’s sad that we have to create a list because we’ve experienced the opposite of all the things I’ve listed above, in ways that made us reflect and know that this list is derived from experiencing the things we didn’t want so we could name the things we did want 

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